There’s a whole host of things to do in Tarifa (dubbed the adventure capital of Europe!), from adventure sports such as Kite Surfing or Windsurfing, to the visiting the magnificent Baelo Claudia Roman ruins in Bolonia. Whether you're looking to blow off some steam or explore the local culture, Tarifa has the answer.

La Vida Coliving works with Tarifa Adventure to provide all excursions.

These can be booked through us before or during your stay.


Hiking in Tarifa will show you the pure natural untouched beauty that is the Andalucian countryside.  Tarifa and its surrounding Natural Park has it all; from pine forrests and olive groves to river valley’s with subtropical vegetation, you will discover rare plants and animals that can only be found here.



Mountain biking in Tarifa is a hidden secret. There’s nothing like the sudden rush of heading down hill after a hard up hill ride.  Whether you are a weekend warrior escaping the urban jungle or a dedicated traveller looking for the ultimate ride, Mountain Biking in the Los Alcornocales National Park, Tarifa, is a wonderful few hours away from the reality of everyday life!



A friend once described kitesurfing as ‘like having your own little rocketship in a backpack’, and who wouldn’t want one of those! Kitesurfing has become the fastest growing extreme sport in the last 10 years.  It is exhilarating and easier to learn than most other water sports keeping you occupied on the beach or water in most wind conditions.

From the moment you launch your first kite you will be hooked!

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Tarifa is a privileged adventure sports resort with beautiful beaches and coves, where you can practice many water sports related to the wind and the waves; and when there’s no wind for kiting or windsurfing and the waves are not too big, it’s a great time to head down to the beach to try the latest water sports craze – Stand Up Paddle.

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An Exotic World on your Doorstep. To travel to Morocco is to subject yourself to a thousand and one impressions.

A land of the senses, whose sounds, colours and fragrances cannot but leave a deep impression, Morocco is immersed in a subtle poetry that takes hold of you slowly, but irreversibly. Vibrant, seductive and exciting, it is a place where shadows merge with sunlight and contrasts accentuate the rich diversity of life. In this kingdom of light, colour reigns supreme; the white is whiter, the blue bluer, the red richer and the ochre deeper.

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Sunsets. We all know just how romantic, inspiring and relaxing they can be. It is calming, beautiful moment witch makes you free from everyday obligations. It is one of the best options to finish a day in Tarifa. And watching it from the boat makes it even more special. Watch as the sun sets to the west and the water glitters with golds and silvers and coppers, while the sky erupts with color.

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Bolonia is one of the most 5 beautiful beaches in Europe. Bolonia is a small ex fishing and farming village 20km north from Tarifa and 20km south of Zahara de los Atunes. It is the site of one of the three most important Roman archaeological excavations in Andalucía, along with Italica outside Sevilla and Acinipo outside Ronda. Sitting directly on the coast, Bolonia is a beautiful site to visit, with both stunning views and ancient ruins.

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The Ancient Greeks realized that riding was a regenerative activity; toning the body and elevating the mood. It is no secret that horses have therapeutic effects.

Experience the exhilaration of being on the back of an Andalucian thoroughbred – a noble and ancient breed of horses.
Riding in Tarifa is an unforgettable ‘trip’ whether galloping along the beach through the surf at the water’s edge or trail riding through fields of wild flowers or ancient cork forests.

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On one of those warm calm days with flat seas take a boat trip out to the middle of the Straits where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet to enjoy Tarifa whale watching.

You’ll normally see a high concentration of marine mammals such as Pilot whales, Sperm whales, Orcas and Fin whales as well as 3 species of dolphins.



Once upon a time, a long time ago, surfing was a hippie sort of Sport; dropouts everywhere embraced it making the rhythm of the ocean the drumbeat of their alternative lives. Not any more; surfing is accessible to everyone, from 8 to 80 and anyone in between!

If you’ve ever ridden a wave, be it on a surf board or body board, it will become an unforgettable experience and for many a life changing one!  The world opens up to further exploration and priorities can change overnight.



Experience the very best of the National Park, Los Alcornacales, scenery from your All-Terrain quad.  The Alcornacales National Park offers the ultimate views of Tarifa and Morocco, an experience that is nothing short of breathtaking.

After a short introduction to your vehicle you will be off on your trek – up hill, down hill and through the many paths in the surrounding areas.  Nothing beats the outdoor air and the fun you can have tackling this rural terrain.



60% of the Municipality of Tarifa is classified under some kind of Protected Area with the main one being the Natural Park of The Straits which is also a marine park and includes a large portion of Tarifa’s waters.

This is a great diving area, where dropping from the boat, into crystal Atlantic waters means scuba diving along walls, reefs and well preserved ship wrecks at depths ranging from 6 – 30m.

The best dives are just off the small island adjoining Tarifa and extend as far west as Zahara de las Atunes.